At Nava Copenhagen, we have created a collection of gift ideas for a price of DKK 500 and up. In this collection you will find a selection of jewelry that ranges from classic and timeless designs to more trendy and modern jewelry.

Jewelry is a great gift idea for someone you care about. They can be personal and symbolic, and they can give the recipient a sense of joy and appreciation. Besides being beautiful and decorative, jewelry can also have a deeper meaning and symbolism that can mean a lot to the recipient.

All our jewelery is made of high quality and is made of 925 sterling silver, a material known for its durability and beauty. The jewelery is also coated with 18K gold plating and contains no nickel.

Our gift ideas include everything from classic necklaces and bracelets with simple designs to more unique and eye-catching pieces that will add a little extra flair to any outfit. No matter which piece of jewelry you choose, it will undoubtedly be a gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.