Inspired by puffy white clouds in the sky, this collection features lots of beautiful pearls that reflect the beauty and elegance of the clouds. Each piece of the collection is timeless and elegant and will add a subtle and unique detail to any outfit.

The various pieces of jewelery in the collection have a wide range of styles and designs to suit every taste. From simple pearl studs to more complex styles, the collection has something for everyone.

In the collection, we have chosen to use shell pearls. They are a central part of the collection and are a beautiful and durable substitute for real freshwater pearls. They have a beautiful and shiny surface that feels comfortable against the skin and looks great in any light.

Shell pearls are pearl-like pearls that are made from a thin layer of real mother-of-pearl or nacre that is assembled into a pearl. They are made from pearl clam shells, but are not true pearls formed by the clam itself.

Shell pearls are a more affordable and sustainable substitute for real pearls and have a smooth and soft surface. They are also more durable than real pearls and have a more uniform size and color.