Hair accessories such as scrunchies and hair clips are popular and practical hair accessories. They can help add extra style and personality to your hairstyle while keeping your hair in place.

Scrunchies are elastic bands with fabric around them, which are used to tie up the hair. They come in many different colors and patterns and can be a fun way to add some extra color and style to your hairstyle. In addition, scrunchies are also gentle on the hair, as they do not pull and wear on the hair in the same way as regular elastics.

Hair clips are another popular hair accessory. They can be used to keep hair away from the face or to create a more complex hairstyle. Hair clips are also available in many different sizes and designs, from small and discreet to large and decorative. They can also be handy for creating a tight and sleek hairstyle, or for adding a little extra bling to your style.

Overall, scrunchies and hair clips are good hair accessories that can help create a nice and practical hairstyle, while also giving your look a little extra personality and style.