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About Nava Copenhagen

Nava Copenhagen is a Danish jewelry brand founded in 2019 by twin sisters Camilla and Maria Rindal Petersen. We wanted to make an affordable brand, in which the jewelry stayed in a price range, that allows everyone to have it. That way, instead of buying one expensive piece of jewelry, you can have many pieces of Nava Copenhagen jewelry for the same price.

We believe it’s important to be able to mix and match different jewelry, because by doing so, you create different looks. To us it’s all about having many different options of jewelry, without having it cost a fortune.

We think jewelry is an as essential part of your outfit as your clothes, because jewelry is what takes your personal style to the next level. In other words, it completes your style.

Inspiration comes from everywhere
Our inspiration comes from our many travels around the word and our encounters with different cultures, people and nature. This is reflected in the products, which makes them unique and beautiful, while still keeping a simple and classic tone.

Our style
Nava Copenhagen jewelry is designed to be simple and feminine in a classic way. The raw details make the jewelry fresh and even though it’s classic it never goes out of style. We aspire for it to be enchanting and elegant, and hopefully create a feeling of wanderlust in the people wearing them.

Danish design from the heart of Odense
All of our jewelry is designed in the heart of Odense, Denmark. We believe great quality is the most important thing, when we make our designs, since we want to provide an excellent product and be sustainable. In reality that means, the majority of our jewelry is made in 925 Sterling silver with 18K gold plating. The remaining will be changed in the spring of 2021, so that they too will consist of 925 Sterling silver. Name stamps are registered in all jewelry

We design four collections every year. Spring/summer, Mid-summer, autumn/Winter and Christmas. They each have their own theme, but a commonality between them are their ability to be mixed and matched with each other.


Welcome to Nava Copenhagen!

Love Maria and Camilla

Nava Copenhagen founders