At Nava Copenhagen, we have a large selection of earrings that can give your look the perfect touch. Whether you are into small and simple studs, or large and eye-catching statement earrings, we have something for every taste and style. Our earrings are designed in 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating, and are free of nickel.

We offer earrings with various stones and materials, including cubic zirconia and beautiful pearls. You can also find earrings with unique and playful designs that will give your outfit an extra zest. Mix and match different types of studs to create your very own personal style.

A stud is a type of earring that consists of a small pin that goes through the earlobe and is held in place by a small clasp on the back of the earlobe. Studs can have different shapes and sizes and are a popular type of earring, as they are easy to wear and can be used for both everyday life and parties.

Earrings are a great way to express your style and personality. They can add elegance and femininity to your look, or give it a more raw and edgy touch. Regardless of what you're into, our ear studs will be able to help you create the desired effect. And with prices in all classes, everyone can afford a pair of beautiful earrings from Nava Copenhagen.