Here we have collected all our jewelery that contains pearls. Pearls are a classic and timeless way to add elegance to any outfit. Known for their unique beauty and charm, pearls have been used as gemstones for centuries.

We use both freshwater pearls and shell pearls when we work with pearls.

Freshwater pearls are natural pearls that are grown in fresh water and are known for their uneven shape and different sizes. Their unique beauty and charm lies in their asymmetrical shape and iridescent sheen.

Shell pearls are produced by covering a pearl core with a thick layer of a special mother-of-pearl coating that makes them more durable and uniform in shape and color than natural pearls. Shell pearls are a more budget-friendly alternative to natural pearls and have a smooth and uniform surface, which gives them a more modern and elegant appearance.

Whether you prefer the natural and organic look of freshwater pearls or the uniform and smooth look of shell pearls, our pearl jewelry is sure to add subtle elegance to your outfit and be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.